Zubin Atré

Zubin Atré distils more than 10,000 hours of yoga teaching experience into a scientific approach with Atré Yoga. Rooted in the ancient philosophy of yoga, his unique method comprises of 5 series of asanas with specific variations designed to assist students meet their individual needs. Zubin’s knowledge and application of anatomy and kinesthetics is one of the hallmarks of his yoga practice. Understanding the physics of force and movement behind each asana helps Zubin Atré guide students through his series safely and effectively. He applies this knowledge to develop his tailored sport programmes for top athletes such as gold medallist Abinav Bindra. He now also coaches other yoga teachers and develops programs based on their particular requirements.
His clients include a variety of international organisations (UNICEF, UNODC) and private companies such as Airtel, Penguin and diplomatic embassies. Zubin writes for and has been featured in all major Indian newspapers and hosts regularly yoga programmes on channels like Tata Sky and Quint. His first book, “It Takes Two To Yoga” (Rupa Publications), was released in 2016 and it is the first book about partner yoga published in India.
Zubin Atré currently lives between New Delhi, Tokyo and Italy. Ten years ago, he decided to combine his business and science backgrounds with his love for yoga and AtréYoga Studio was born. He hasn’t looked back since. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Zubin does archery, scuba diving, rock climbing and is still looking for his favorite sport. He loves spending time with family, learning new languages, riding his motorcycle… and wearing suits.