Corporate Yoga Programs

Yoga at the office translates into a range of benefits – it may mean a more comfortable physical posture, help with stress management, or even improve team communication and work productivity.

AtréYoga has designed a corporate yoga program: “I’m Yogi and I Know It” that aligns yoga with achievable goals at the workplace.

1.Desktop Yogi: Health

2.Yogi on the Chair: Comfort and Wellness

3.Breathing for Yogis: Self-Mastery

4.Yogi on the Mat: Self-Actualization

This course in yoga with Zubin Atré helps participants realise their inner yogi, and celebrate it through a healthier, happier, and more productive self.

AtréYoga has helped a number of organizations with employee wellness, including UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNDP, UNODC, The German School New Delhi, BhartiAirtel, Dorling Kindersly, Penguin Books, Kempinski Hotels, among others.

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