Applied Yoga

Passionate about yoga, Zubin Atré applies the practice to all fields, devising innovative asanas to complement and enhance your pursuits, and help you in your every day life.  Yoga counselling, meanwhile,  promotes physical and mental well-being.  Zubin Atré is an empathic listener and advises on the therapeutic use of yoga. Zubin designs coaching sessions, lectures, and articles, which focus on adjustments of breath, movement, concentration, helping relieve stress and anxiety, and allowing practitioners to reach their untapped potential. Applied yoga programs with Zubin Atré also improve communication among individuals and help boost physical and mental health.
Programs at AtréYoga Studio are crafted by the assimilation of knowledge of various schools of yoga styled to suit modern-day lifestyles. Every program is designed by Zubin with the help of a trained team of yoga practitioners, doctors, and other professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of the human body.
To ask about applied yoga programs and/or yoga counselling designed for you, please contact