Sports Yoga

Yoga – like sports – is all about the mastery of the mind and the body. It’s no wonder there are so many parallels that can be drawn between the two. Yoga can help athletes in several areas, including:
  • Physical – Agility, speed, strength, and stamina are some of the key development points for many athletes. Yoga can fine-tune these to an elevated level.
  • Mental – Every sport has a mental aspect to it and so a strong mind is as essential as a strong body. An athlete needs a calm, clear mind to be able to focus on his or her game. The yoga programs developed by Atré Yoga Studio help increase concentration and enhance the connection between the body and the mind.
  • Breathing – The practice of yoga helps an athlete control their breathing. Our programs teach athletes how to gain mastery over their breath and how to use it to benefit them when practicing their sport.
Fine-tuning breath, flow, and alignment of one’s movements makes a better yogi and a better athlete. With this and the above points in mind, Zubin Atré has designed programs for tennis players, golfers, rock climbers, long-range shooters, and a number of other types of athletes. He regularly contributes articles about his customized yoga practices to The Outdoor Journal, an international outdoor sports and adventure magazine. The articles he has written include Monkey Style (Climbing for Yogis), Biomechanics of the Sun Salutation, Yoga for Scuba, Yoga for Skiers, and others. For more info, see our Publications page.
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