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The Great Indian BP Survey shows around 33 per cent Indians suffer from Hypertension, but are unaware

Lipla Negi , India Today  |   New Delhi, October 5, 2015 |

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33 per cent of the Indian population is suffering from hypertension. But more than two-third of them are not even aware of the disorder, says The Great Indian BP (blood pressure) Survey conducted by Cardiological Society of India.

It was a chance visit to the doctor, which revealed everything was not right with his health. “Your blood pressure is little raised,” the doctor told 26-year-old Manav Mitra, who had accompanied his younger brother for a routine checkup at his GP’s clinic. Little did he know that this casual visit was soon going to have a huge impact on his lifestyle.

“My elevated reading came as a shock. I do not smoke. I do not have a family history. So, I was least expecting the 150/95mm Hg blood pressure reading,” shares the IT professional. When he tried to look for the possible reasons, he realised where he went wrong. Young and ambitious, Mitra heavily depended on takeaways (fast food) due to his hectic work schedule and late nights. Ordering food was quick and convenient – speed dial, place the order, eat and keep working – hassle free and taste buds flattering.Continue Reading..


Are you a Yomad?

Times of India,  Supriya Sharma

Zubin Atré, amongst other avid travelers share their love for yoga wherever they go.

Are you a yomad?

It could be in the midst of a bustling piazza or against a gigantic mountain… home is where yoga nomads can roll out their mats.You know you have company on a vacation when you spot someone with their mat slung over the shoulder, sipping on kombucha and talking about the cosmos,” says blogger Anne in her post ‘Finding Yoga on the Road’. Anne belongs to the burgeoning tribe of yoga tourists, who travel for the love of yoga. When in a new terrain, they will immediately look up the best yoga classes, try out some new-age yoga workshops and only then think about other touristy things to do. “When I visit a new city, the first thing I do is find a yoga studio because I know that no matter where I am in the entire world, I can feel at home the minute I step onto my yoga mat,” says Meredith Meyer, an advertising professional who runs a yoga studio in Chicago.Continue Reading..

Yoga and Sexual Health

yoga and sexual health mail today

With stress of a corporate job or looking after children all day and night, women experience low sexual drive from time to time and are either tired or just not interested.  Although, pharmaceutical companies are working on launching a libido boosting pill, Zubin Atré shares with Mail Today how meditation may  help one become emotionally aware and how  doing yoga with your partner help couples rediscover their sexual drive.

Below is the snippet of how yoga and meditation can be ones guide to increase libido and  if one is interested to read the complete article, by Lipla Negi, it is available here.


International Day of Yoga with Zubin Atré


Mail Today, Lipla Negi 

Your successful or failed attempts on the mat while trying various yoga poses help you become more acceptable of your triumphs and failures in life,” says yoga expert Zubin Atré. With each attempt you get better at the mind-body coordination, which makes decision-making easier. “It also teaches ‘energy management’ – the bigger the role, more energy one requires,” says Atré. Click on the link for article .




For NDTV Food

According to Zubin Atré, Founder, AtréYoga Studio, “Yoga offers multiple health benefits. It is instrumental in energy management. It keeps our energy levels up and balanced. It also helps in improving breath quality, lowering stress and cortisol levels, helping you maintain peace. Consequently, even your inter-personal relationships and communication improves. Physically, you feel more flexible, stronger and gain stamina. In a nutshell, you feel like a superhuman. Click on the link for article.



Radio France International, Sébastien Farcis

On the occasion of World Yoga Day, Zubin Atré and his students talk about the benefits of yoga. Meanwhile another yoga practitioner discusses the reservations some Muslims have towards the growing promotion of yoga in India. As someone who finds in yoga a source of beneficial knowledge, he sees no conflict between yoga and Islam.



toiA number of Diplomats celebrated World Yoga Day and have a positive outlook towards practicing it with many more. Click here for story.