AtréYoga Studio

At AtréYoga Studio, the practice revolves around 5 structured series of asanas developed by Zubin Atré. These series include variations on flexibility, strength, balance, and breath, based on in-depth awareness of human anatomy and movement.
Adjustments are the key element setting AtréYoga apart from other yoga practices and asanas are approached with special attention to biomechanics. Zubin Atré applies anatomical detail to yoga, noting which muscles are activated and stretched, to make them more effective. Pranayam is also incorporated to help practitioners explore the untouched corners of every asana through the awareness of breath. A complete cycle to which this approach has been devoted to and shared is the Biomechanics of the Sun Salutation.
Atré endorses a style of yoga crafted to individual lifestyles. Class sizes typically consist of up to eight to twelve students, ensuring each practitioner receives individual attention. Practitioners of different levels perform asanas at their own ability in the same class. With no levels and no competition, the Atré Yoga Studio is for everyone and the environment maintained in classes is one of positivity and encouragement.