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AtréYoga Studio endorses a style of yoga crafted to individual lifestyles. We bring a variety of yoga approaches under the same roof, including our very own AtréYoga. The Studio has been known for the uncompromising quality of its yoga services to yoga practitioners, MNCs and ace level athletes for over 10 years.

Zubin Atré

Zubin Atré distils 10,000 hours of yoga teaching experience into a precise science through Atré Yoga. Zubin’s knowledge and application of anatomy and kinesthetics helps him address students' individual needs and goals as he safely guides them through asanas

AtréYoga Studio

AtréYoga Studio believes in creating a modern day yogi. With no levels, and no competition - classes are kept small, and people perform to their own ability. Read More


AtréYoga is comprised of five structured series of asanas developed by Zubin Atré. Based on in-depth awareness of human anatomy and movement, these asana series are designed with variations on flexibility, strength, balance, and breath. Read More


Besides classes, AtréYoga Studio also hosts workshops, organises retreats, provides on-site corporate yoga sessions and yoga counselling. Zubin has also written for magazines and is consulted frequently by the media on yoga and health-related issues.




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  • "I met Zubin and felt immediately at ease with him"

    Pascal Fautrat, Executive Director - Tara.

  • "Zubin is an exacting and inspiring yoga teacher. No class is ever the same, he pushes us to the limit."

    Chiki Sarkar, Publisher - Juggernaut

  • Zubin’s approach to use the science of biomechanics into his yoga training was very fascinating. It was precision work which focused on the quality of movement which is essential for elite athletes.

    Abhinav Bindra, Olympic Gold Medalist, 10mt Air rifle shooter



Twice a week

INR 3200
  • 8 sessions
  • Valid for a month
  • Location ShahpurJat


Thrice a week

INR 4200
  • 12 Sessions
  • Valid for a Month
  • Location Shahpurjat


extended validity

INR 5200
  • 10 Sessions
  • Valid for 2 Months
  • Location Shahpurjat



INR 5200
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Valid for a month
  • Location ShahpurJat


125 A, Third floor, Shahpur Jat, Near Slice of Italy, New Delhi, Closest Metro: Hauz Khas

125 A, 3rd floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
+91 99589 37036
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