Zubin Atré

Zubin Atré distils 8,000 hours of yoga teaching experience into a precise science through Atré Yoga. His unique method comprises of 5 sets of asanas designed with variations that help students address their individual needs. Zubin’s knowledge and application of anatomy and kinesthetics is one of the hallmarks of his yoga practice.  Understanding the physics of force and movement behind each asana helps Zubin Atré guide students through his series safely and effectively.  This knowledge also enables him to address his students’ specific goals and develop creative and customized practices for them.  His clients include UNICEF, Airtel, Penguin, Rotary International, the German Embassy School, UNODC, and many others.  Zubin writes regularly for and has been featured in major publications, including the Outdoor Journal, Mail Today, Star News, Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, The Times of India, and Time Out Delhi.  His first book will be released in January 2016.
Zubin Atré currently resides in New Delhi. Six years ago, he decided to combine his business and science backgrounds with his love for yoga and AtréYoga Studio was born. He hasn’t looked back since. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Zubin loves to spend time with family, write, travel, ride his motorcycle, and watch wacky YouTube videos.