January 21, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Teacher: Mukesh

Style: Iyengar

Seats limited to 15.

Learning to back bend is one of the biggest challenges for yoga students of all levels. This workshop aims to address the what, why and how of proper execution, alignment, adjustments and actions of Purva Pratana Sthiti Asanas, starting from most accessible poses to the more expressive ones. Backbends are an essential part of any yoga sequence designed to counterbalance poor habitual postures common in modern lifestyles. If you work at a computer, drive a car or have become accustomed to the habit of sitting for long periods of time with the shoulders rounded and chest collapsed, allowing tension to build up in the neck, lower-back and entire spine, consider practicing some yoga before or after work.
Practice with strong & unwavering focus on finding lengths in body in stressed areas, with equal focus on your breath and keeping a happy face. A good yoga practice including backbends relieves, reduces and prevents stress, strain and imbalance in the body. In this workshop we will explore Purva Pratana Sthiti Asanas which can help us tackle the stresses and strains of poor habitual posture.

Some benefits of Purva Pratana Sthiti Asanas are:
• Open the chest and bring mobility, openness and strength to the spine, neck and shoulders
• Soothe and massage the heart, lungs and brain cells, thereby preventing arterial blockage
• Open ligaments in the chest and tone the spine, thereby alleviating spinal problems
• Stimulate the adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands
• Can also help correct displaced bladder or prolapsed uterus.

We will also explore how as we work toward greater strength and flexibility, we can use props like bolsters, blocks, belts or chairs to gradually open up to body and to gain more strength, extension & stability in the pose. The ability to extend the spine involves the successful activation of many muscles, three in particular; the psoas (deep hip flexor which connects legs to the spine); the rectus abdominus (that connects pubis to rib cage); and the latissimus dorsi (that connects the arm to the spine and pelvis). Backbends should feel energizing, invigorating and rejuvenating but too many people are suffering while execution of back extension poses as most of the practitioners tend to be splayed open in the front of the body while keeping back short and tight but if these three muscles are properly engaged, the back of the body will lengthen as the front of the body shortens.
Purva Pratana Sthiti Asanas are elixir of life. When practiced with intelligence and awareness, they remove stiffness in the back, tone the organs, stimulate the nervous system, and promote emotional well-being.
Join this learning and transformative experience taught by Mukesh Banka, who would share his passion with you, hoping that you would also love yoga as much as he does. He has a lot to share from his long study and experience. So do join us in this journey to the ins & outs of Purva Pratana Sthiti Asanas with special attention to the safe and correct execution. Start your Year with learning about benefits, adjustments, adaptations, alignment tips and more for improving your practice of Purva Pratana Sthiti Asanas.

NOTE- Avoid this workshop if you are pregnant, have chronic spinal problems (especially inflammatory, arthritic conditions), Vertigo (which becomes worse with neck extensions) and abdominal hernia. These conditions need specific adaptations to safely do twisting poses which is outside the scope of this workshop and better addressed by private consultation with an experienced teacher.

3pm to 5pm, 21st January, Sunday

Pre-registration price: INR 1000 per person. Click here to pay
Drop-in price: INR 1250 per person
We have limited space (available on first come first serve basis) at the studio so book your mat space at earliest!

LAST DATE TO REGISTER: 19th January 2018, 8pm
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