Zubin Atré | TEDx | Yoga for aspiring Superheroes !

Jan 15
Who knew Zubin Atré gave a TEDx Talk?! His inspirational talk “Applied Yoga for Aspiring Superheroes” brings you 4 easy kick-starter steps on how to apply more yoga in real life. From the origins of yoga to meditation and beating that endless mental chatter, Zubin guides the audience with the

8 Simple Resolutions to look into for 2018!

Dec 30
A brand New Year is about to start and here we are, making a list of the things we would like to see in the newer, improved version of ourselves. The trick with the New Year resolutions is to keep them simple, so be SMART about them:  S: Specific M:

Let’s get limber – Yoga as flexibility training

Nov 15
We have all had days when we feel like each asana is a little more difficult than it was ever before. After such a yoga practice, we feel more stretched, relaxed and calm. Have you ever wondered why stretching and flexibility is critical for our proper physical and mental functioning?

Surya Namaskara: Salutations to the Sun

Aug 11
You might have heard the story of Hanuman and Surya who initially didn’t start off on a good foot with each other. When Hanuman was very young he confused the sun (Surya) with a big mango and had nearly eaten him if it wasn’t for Lord Indra’s intervention. Long story

It takes two to yoga – first book by Zubin Atré!

Sep 04
Book Launch “It takes two to yoga” It was launched at the charming Devang house cafe at Ashok hotel in Delhi this August, followed by a lively discussion on how the idea of writing a book fully dedicated to Partner yoga appeared and evolved, and what are the main aspects of

Movember is here. Is your Moustache ready ?

Oct 21
Daniel Day Lewis sporting an “imperial” Ben Stiller sporting a “horseshoe” moustache Rules for “Mo Bro” Robert Downy Jr. doing Yoga “Movember” and Yoga   What is ‘Movember’? A linguistic blend of “Moustache” and “November”, it refers to the campaign launched in 2004 in Australia inviting men from all over

Adam & God fist bump

Oct 20
  Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway !

Workplace Ergonomics

Oct 16
The term ‘Ergonomics’ refers to the study of people’s efficiency at the workplace. Working on desktops and laptops constantly in a certain posture for hours have proven to be hazardous causing pain and discomfort to oneself.  Drooped, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, strained eyes, fatigue….sound familiar? The video below shows