8 Simple Resolutions to look into for 2018!

A brand New Year is about to start and here we are, making a list of the things we would like to see in the newer, improved version of ourselves.

The trick with the New Year resolutions is to keep them simple, so be SMART about them:

 S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achieveable

R: Realistic


To avoid the so-called “false hope syndrome” and fix overambitious goals that will let you already frustrated a few months into the new year, it’s a great idea to start with small and simple resolutions. Here are 8 we have put together for you to choose from


1. Maintain a clean Desktop.

Einstein was well known to always have a messy desk and so did Mark Twain, so we like to associate the piles of books and mountains of papers we see in their portraits with a sign of intelligence and creativity. how organized would they be, if they had computers and smartphones? we will never know, but we know for sure how contemporary digital clutter builds up on us . start the year by cleaning the desktop.  It is a good idea to see a clean scree as you turn the computer on.


2. Avoid Honking

It happens so often, especially in India, to be stuck in traffic for a long time; we get so frustrated that we think honking is the solution to everything and we honk. In reality it doesn’t move a thing, but only creates more noise pollution. So in the New Year save your efforts and focus on the breath with a three-second micro meditation overtime you feel the stress is mounting. It won’t solve the traffic situation but it will certainly help you remain sane in a messy situation.


3. Go old school where the need is.

These days everything has gone digital. There are apps that can also control the light switches in the house! Even if technology is so developed, do we really need  to have the phone with us in the bed? if the excuse is we we need it to put the alarm, we can do with a simple alarm clock; this will improve the sleep time and quality of our sleep.


4. Learn to say ‘No’

Some countries, like Japan and india, have cultural traditions where people find it very hard to say No, even when deep inside they know they don’t want to do what they are asked for. this only builds up frustrations and spoils our relations with others, as those around one cannot know we are not in a position to do something if we do not tell them. Learn to politely say no.


5.  Gather more experiences

in 2018,make a little effort to exit from your comfort zone and do something different: learn a new skill, take a dance class or finally travel to that place you always wanted to see and never had time to visit. gathering experience will enrich the way you employ your time. it will also be a great occasion to make new friends and boost your self-confidence.


6. Learn a new Language

we live in a highly digital environment where everything and everyone is interconnected. yet every person and every country has different features and knowing the languages spoken elsewhere will give you a much broader understanding of others. learning languages simulates the brain too and its a tremendous exercise to keep your mind sharp and fit while enjoying yourself.


7. Complain less

Complaining less in stressful situation can certainly save your time and give you a calmer mind to deal with the actual challenge. complaining about everything ends up influencing the nerve paths and synopsis and you will ultimately end up seeing every situation with a negative tint. Analyze the words you use, give up  negations and negative terms while speaking and making comments.


8. Give up on Toxic People

This might not be very easy to achieve, but you can start by acknowledging that some of the people around you might be doing you more harm than good. In 2018 make no space for narcissist, neurotic and abusive behaviours so just get rid of toxic people.



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