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Biomechanics of Sun-Salutation


Zubin Atré has brought together some of AtréYoga’s key offerings in to a 10 day program, designed to relax, enlighten and also challenge you to help improve your flexibility and technique. Unlock your potential. Learn More

Atré Yoga is comprised of 5 structured series of asanas developed by Zubin Atré. These asana series are designed with variations on flexibility, strength, balance, and breath, based on in-depth awareness of human anatomy and movement. Adjustments are the key element setting Atré Yoga apart from other yoga practices. Yoga classes are taught in Shahpur Jat and Defence Colony.See schedule

March 14, 2015 at 12:30. Experience the suryanamaskar in a whole new way with Zubin Atré, as he explains what’s behind each movement, while taking you through the classic sun salutation series. The workshop consists of three parts: theory, demonstration, and practice, focusing on alignment, flow, and breath. Register now Learn More

The idea is: learning through sharing. We at the Random Page give you a brief glimpse into the genius and passion that surrounds us, one person at a time. Sharing of thoughts, ideas, passion and life experiences or simply what makes us who we are. Let’s learn from one another. We look forward to seeing you one Saturday every month! Learn More